Monday, June 16, 2008

What was I thinking?

Tonight, I had two appointments back to back.
What was I thinking?

At 7 PM, I played the piano with the Hauer Swing band at a nursing home. This band is all professionals so they sound so much better than the UD big band. The charts are a million times tougher too. The UD band uses High School jazz band charts. I recognized some of them from when I attended high school. The bad news is that the piano parts are very complete so they are up to seven pages long and won't fit on the music stand.

At 8:30, I left the piano for my radio engineer friend, Tom Nornhold, to take home with him so I could leave for Wright State University. They have rehearsal tonight from 7:30-9:30. I arrived at WSU at 9 and am very glad that I did. The director is Hank Dahlman. He is a terrific conductor and I enjoy him very much. I sang two of the 6 movements tonight and did much better than when I was sight reading Latin the last time. Earlier today, I played a recording of the Mozart Vespers while I hammered out the bass parts on the piano. Very helpful.

It's 11:30 so I need to close, WSU Carnegie rehearsal tomorrow night as well.

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