Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Big Apple

Yesterday,  I spent the day in Central Park. I really enjoyed the "Boathouse" where I could get a great meal while watching the gondoliers rowing the gondolas across the lake. I was there with High School Band Director, Gary Johnson. He is going from HS band and Choir to K-1 general music. We spent most of the time discussing the challenges he will face and I tried to give him some advice on how to make this next year primary experience the best for all involved.

At night I went to Pier 18 at the West end of 42nd street and caught the "Harbor Lights" cruise that encompasses the South end of the Hudson and East River. The night was cool and clear and the building of downtown Manhattan were all lit up. I loved it! I got back before ten and worked on episode 6 of the musicteachers911 podcast. 

Today, the weather was forecasted to be 90* and sunny in the morning and afternoon. I took a book to central park and found a nice shady bench by the pond on the extreme Southeast portion of the park. It felt like 72* while just outside the park my GPS registered over 100!
At 1 PM until 5 we had the first rehearsal with the four soloists for the Carnegie performance. The tenor and soprano were machines!! The bass was still having rhythmic problems and I was surprised that he was chosen for this as his low register wasn't that pronounced for this caliber of singers. After the rehearsal, I went to the Carnegie gift shop to get Melissa and my sister, Sue a small gift. Melissa would come to my house and help my with the Latin text. Sue is watching the house and feeding Pepper, my cat.
I went back to the room to email some prospective guests for the next podcast. Dr. Dalhman was supposed to be my next guest. he is the conductor for the Carnegie performance, but he is staying in NYC for an extra week. 
This evening I went looking for a great place to eat. GOD BLESS THE CONCIERGE! He was so helpful in suggesting a few places in town. It was raining very hard when I left and he gave me an umbrella to use. He suggested the "Cancun" mexican, but I went next door to the "Cuban" because the music was a lot spicier (so was the food!) 

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