Tuesday, June 3, 2008

musicteachers911 podcast is HUGE!!

So I fix the "About Me" podcast title fiasco and now the musicteachers911 podcast is getting thousands of hits a week! I am even getting fan mail! This weeks podcast I am interviewing a fellow from the Ohio State Department of Education and it is going to be a grand-slam episode. I can't wait for Thursday.

Macmillan just sent a bunch of educational videos that correspond with their newest edition of the music textbooks for me to review and critique. I see great things coming out of our partnership. The vice-president of Macmillan Publishing wanted me to be in Orlando Florida today at the Disney Resort for training for a few days. I declined. (I know what you are thinking, I should get my head examined), but I promised a lot of people at our local universities that I would help out with senior recitals and spring concerts. Sinclair Colleges concert should be amazing.

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