Thursday, April 26, 2012

Let there be LIGHT!

You would think that after forty years of professional gigging, I wouldn't have seen this one coming.

I was recently hired to play the electric bass in the pit orchestra for the musical, "Singing in the rain".

They seated me with my back against the stage facing the director who was facing the stage to cue the actors. Afternoon rehearsals were great and I was actually enjoying the experience as the writing for this is very entertaining.  Kudos to the talented cast and directing.

So far so good, right?

As soon as the curtain went up on opening night. From the very back of the theater appeared a bright light from the 5000 watt follow spot behind the last row.

That's when everything for me went totally black.

The light as bright as the Sun was shining into my eyes against that darkened room.  I couldn't see the director, the music rack, or even my hand in front of my face.

As luck would have it, I keep a visor in my soft shell bass case for when I perform outside at festivals, fairs,  and other venues.

I reached for the case under my seat and felt around until I knew the visor was in my grasp.

Around measure 32, I re-entered the ensemble while wearing said visor, tilting my head so that the brim was blocking the spotlight but not the music. I never did see the director for the entire first act, creeping in at the every first measure until a steady tempo was established.

At intermission, I asked that  the spotlight be placed off center in the back.

Act two went much better.

Live and learn, I guess...

good gigging,

Larry Marra