Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Vesperae solennes de Confessore

I went to the first rehearsal for the Carnegie hall performance and got the music that we will sing.

It is Mozart's Vesperae. (translation) 63 pages of really hard music all sung in Latin).

When I got there, the people were very friendly and asked if I could sing the tenor part. 
I said yes, but then found out that Mozart write really high notes for tenor. (I wasn't wearing small enough underwear for this!)
After rehearsal, I talked to the director and he said that Bass would be best for me to sing. I don't have an extremely low voice, but Mozart writes high notes for bass as well. These I can sing!

Tomorrow night I offered to help a friend move a commercial satellite dish (the big kind) up 24 flights of stairs to a rooftop of a downtown building. It will be used for a local radio station.
Oh the things we do for friends.

Wednesday, I play bass with the UD big band on the UD campus. This should be fun.

more later.

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