Sunday, June 22, 2008

Can you hear me now?

Friday, I played the bass at the Sinclair College new Mason, OH campus near Kings Island Amusement Park. My friend Chris, director of the Hauer Sing Band, picked me up and we had a great conversation on the way down. He said that I need to bring a small amp the next time the swing band performs because plugging the piano in the mains speakers makes it too soft for the band to hear yet too loud for the crowd. I have a small Yamaha amp that will also double as a great  piano bench. The Sinclair gig was very nice. The crowd was small, but the new School is state of the art. As soon as I went into the building, I could smell fresh paint & new carpet glue. 

We played outside on a big stage and the weather was perfect.  I took the UD bass because it has a lower string for the new songs that call for a sub bass part. My old Rickenbacker can't play them that low. The UD bass is a Yamaha and it is very light. I am starting to prefer it to my Rickenbacker. I am trying to get Sinclair to purchase their own 5 string bass.

Saturday I called Melissa Durst to let he know that her podcast episode is available on the iTunes store now. she was very excited to hear this. She is a vocal major so I asked her to come over Monday to help me with the Latin text for the Carnegie performance. She is so talented and smart it's not funny.

Today I have NY rehearsal at 3 PM. I just finished cutting the grass while I played the Mozart on my iPod. I love technology!

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