Saturday, June 7, 2008

musicteachers911 Episode 3

The 3rd episode podcast  interview with Ernie Flamm, Ohio Bd. of Ed was amazing! This guy is a music education  genius! After the interview, we just sat and talked in the kitchen for over an hour about how funny life is and how one never knows just how it will turn out ( and how that's a good thing).

At 3 PM, Professor Daniel Greene, vocal music prof. at Sinclair college came over and he wanted us to write horn parts for a couple of songs that his Gospel Choir will be singing. No pressure, the rehearsal is at 7:30 tonight and the concert is tomorrow! GOD BLESS FINALE 2008!

The horn parts were still warm from my printer at 7:15 as I was loading the bass into the car. I was using University of Dayton's bass because it has five strings. Basses normally have four, but new gospel songs use those ultra-bass notes that only a five string can play. The concert was a huge success. Dayton is so lucky to have such talented music educators like Dr. Greene.

This morning I finished producing musicteachers911 episode 3. I uploaded to itunes and it was ready for subscribers within minutes. I love itunes!

Life is good, but I am very sleepy. more later. Thanks for stopping by.

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