Monday, June 2, 2008

It's all about me podcast

OK, so the next day I do a search on iTunes store for musicteachers911 podcast and got no results. I did one for my name and found a podcast called"About Me" hosted by Larry Marra.

I downloaded the first episode and sure enough, it was mine alright.
So why was it called "about me"? A quick call to APPLE ED support revealed that iWeb uses a template and I was supposed to change "about me to MT911. I did and the next day the podcast showed up in iTunes with the proper title.

Did a gig as pianist with the Hauer Big Band at the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base Friday. The club had a gorgeous 9 foot Steinway piano. I have been playing electronic keyboards for so long, that the grand piano felt like a long-lost friend.
I found that I was playing less and just listening and enjoying the horns more. Everyone said that they loved how the piano played so tastefully and didn't try to bang out every note that the horn players were. Who knew?

This morning I went to Valerie Elem. school to drop off a CD of the 8th grade graduation song. It was great seeing the kids, but I do not want to teach full-time anymore. 

I am going to try to record two more episodes for MT911 Thursday. First is Jim McCutcheon (the guitar man) and Ernie Flamm fro the Ohio Bd of Ed. This way I can complete the episodes in my free time.

tonight I am going to Sinclair to play bass with the Gospel Choir. I borrowed the five-stringed bass from UD so I could hit those sub-bass notes in the newer tunes. I can't wait t hear those lower notes in Sinclair's super-bass amp.

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