Saturday, July 24, 2010

Get the point?

This Tuesdays Praise Team rehearsal hit a bit of a snag.

We decided, in the interest of time, not to set up the entire PA for our Tuesday rehearsals. The drummer uses a Roland V-drum electronic drum set and pulled out a small amp to broadcast his instrument's sound to the singers and the rest of the band.

We were learning, "Mighty to Save" by Laura Story. It is about an 80 BPM song and has a catchy little snare drum street beat rhythm instead of a full drum set beat pattern.

Well, after asking the drummer four times to turn down and blend with the band so I could hear the singers, I noticed that his amp was in front of him and facing us!

I rose form the piano bench, turned the amp around so the back was facing the band and the speakers were facing the drummer.

Problem solved. The drummer was now balancing with the band in a way that the band could hear each other and he could hear himself.

Sometimes, a balance problem is as simple as relocating where the instrument's sound is pointing.

good gigging!

Larry Marra

Monday, July 12, 2010

I can see clearly now

Having just finished an outdoor festival performance with a locally popular swing band for July 4th, I'd like to provide you with a tip about keeping the printed charts securely on the music rack.

I went to my local hardware store and purchased a sheet of clear plexiglass the same dimensions as the music stand. I place this directly over the charts so the wind doesn't blow the music away. While the other musicians were wrestling with clothespins and having the wind fold the music over so they couldn't read it, I was playing undisturbed, safe in the knowledge that my music was staying right where I wanted it.

Good Gigging!

Larry Marra