Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Packards,parades, drum sets, and 9 volt batteries

The Oakwood parade went off without a hitch. Bernie, my blind friend went with us and had the time of his life. I rode a small motorcycle to the parade so that I could manipulate the crowds and get home in time to meet the astrologer partner. Her name is Renee and she is very nice. Her desire to learn astrology is refreshing. She stayed for two hours.

Urban Nights had great weather but the turnout was a little sparse.

The UD big band gig was fun. The five string bass was making an awful static noise. I found out that the thing takes a 9 volt battery. I never had a powered bass or guitar before. I asked the nursing home if they had batteries and they said they'd look. I remembered that my Dad lives around the corner and asked him if he had any extra smoke detector batteries. Five minutes later the bass was working without a hitch. Who know that my Dad would still be my hero i at 88!

Ud asked if I would buy a bass amp for the school's big band. i called my buddy, Jim McCutcheon. He is a guitarist that also owns a music store. He sold me a terrific one at a bargain price. It's here at my house now with the UD bass. 

I went to Sinclair College last night to rehearse with the gospel choir and to pick up their drum set to use tonight. I am playing with a big band at the Packard Museum for a benefit by Fox TV.
we all have to wear tuxes and play old time music. It's a dance for charity for the museum.

Power went out today and I am at my sister's now using her wi-fi topost this.

At noon, I am working on an old ladies riding mower. I think I only have to sharpen the blades and change the oil.

all for now. Will tell you about the gig tonight on the next post.

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