Friday, May 23, 2008

brian Pannetta

Went to UD today to rehearse with the big band. My friend, Tom, came along and really enjoyed listening. He is production engineer for Clear-channel TV & radio. I really think that he's rather be a professional musician.

After rehearsal, Tom and I took UD senior Brian Panetta to Cici's Pizza. After that, I interviewed Brian for episode two of my musicteachers911 podcast. I must admit that I wasn't nearly as together as this young man. His answers were wonderful.

At night I attended the Dayton Public Schools retiree Dinner. It was so boring and depressing. DPS has downsized so much that everyone looked so depressed and beat up. Because of all the lay-offs last year, there wasn't that many teachers left to honor. Only 20 retired and we used to have over a hundred every year. We won't be replaced. sad, really.

I did find out that my favorite principal got the Rotary Club "Administrator of the Year". I couldn't be happier. Her name is Delores Evans and no one deserves this more.

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