Wednesday, May 28, 2008

DPS revisit

Tuesday morning I went to my favorite elementary school, Valerie.
I was the music teacher there for 12 years.
The principal asked if I could help with the 8th grade graduation music.
I made a few CDs and dropped them of to her.
The teachers looked so beat up!
The parents had a lovely appreciation luncheon and invited me to eat. That was a very nice gesture. I think that they miss me.

That afternoon I went to my old high school position, Dunbar. I had to borrow the drums and I was returning them. 

I saw one of my favorite students Ron Wilkes. (I only had about five I could stand). He is the proverbial tortoise who wants to play the trumpet. Emanual Goss was giving him a free private lesson. I am so glad that he is there.

 While I took him home, he was telling me that the band never thought that I would leave despite their constant fighting and rudeness. I guess they learned that some people mean what they say.

I think that today Emily and I are going to fly her kite. It is going to be a perfect weather da. i will do my best to make it a perfect family day as well

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