Saturday, August 2, 2008

Well, break out the bubbly and raise a glass.

Well, break out the bubbly and raise a glass. I found out that musicteachers911 podcast is the third most popular "music teacher education" podcast on iTunes! 

If that wasn't enough, it is the #1 "music teacher education podcast" on the internet. is the site that ranks videos and podcasts. 

Brody McDonald was my guest for episode 9 and he was so elequent in his presentation of the "popalla" choir style that I had almost no post-production  editing to do. He is too talented to be so young. 

Since I only have nine episodes on iTunes, I have to thank some people for helping steer listeners my way. One is Joe Pisano from who advertises the daylights out of my blog. The other is MENC, who featured me on their magazine. One of their employees has a site called music education magic and plugged the podcast on their homepage.

I attended the last University of Dayton Big Band rehearsal of the summer. One reason is because I needed to give them back their five-stringed bass guitar. I have been keeping it at home and using it to play all the performances I had with the Sinclair Gospel Choir. I was told that Sinclair is going to purchase a bass for me this fall. It will me great not having to lug a bass on my back while rinding the motorcycle to rehearsals and gigs. Although I have been doing this without incident, I honestly can say that it's not the safest way to ride in traffic.

I leave tomorrow for Manhattan! I am a little nervous but I know that if I just "be myself" and give the Macmillan staff my honest reactions to their presentations, I will be just fine.

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