Sunday, July 20, 2008

Airports and episodes

Hank Dalhman, from the Dayton Philharmonic,  was interviewed for the musicteachers911 podcast and he was amazing! The interview went so long and so well, that I turned it into a two-episode event.

I finished booking my flights to NYC today. I leave Sunday, Aug. 3rd and return Tuesday evening. I wonder how my first meeting will go. This could turn out to be the best music education venue I have ever done! 

I played with Sinclair's gospel choir yesterday at Island Park in the bandshell and the place was packed and we got a standing ovation. I have had University of Dayton's bass at home for almost a month and I am planning on returning it this Thursday. It was very nice of them letting me use it for Sinclair performances, but the next choir performance isn't until after UD fall quarter starts back up. I keep asking for Sinclair to buy their own bass so I won't have to lug UDs over there so much. My goal is to just walk into the choir room and have a bass and amp already set up for me. I hope this happens soon!

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