Monday, August 18, 2008

Praise the Lord and Harley Davidson!

I went to the church in Miamisburg OH to play the piano for a biker worship service Sunday and it was quite an experience!

I was playing a few scales to warm up beforehand when I heard a thunderous roar approaching. Lots of motorcycles (too many to count) were coming down the road to the church. I later found that there are entire biker gangs of converted outlaw bikers that now ride for Jesus. Although they still looked very tough and downright scary, they were actually sweet and gentle people.
Some of the testimonies were about how they found Jesus in jail,, or after finding out that drugs were killing them. These bikers knew the bible as well as some preachers as they were genuine in their spiritual walk.

I sight read a few tunes with their biker praise band. Later, there were two women bikers that played guitar and sang quite nicely. They gave me a CD of tunes they had written and I must admit that they sounded very nice.

Tonight I had a musicteachers911 podcast interview with Denny Dutcher. He is an amazing jazz sax player and a local expert on hawaiian music. Afterwards, we got out a few guitars and played some Hawaiian tunes together on the back porch. The weather is perfect and the crickets and locust gave us ample backing vocals.

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