Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Blues Ukulele, and the guitar man

Monday night I had Denny Dutcher over to be interviewed on the musicteachers911 podcast. I think he's the best jazz saxophonist around. I also know that he goes to Hawaii every winter and knows a lot about their rich musical heritage. Afterwards, he got out a guitar and asked if I would teach him the blues! Later, he wanted a crash course on passing chords for Hawaiian songs. It was the latest a podcast guest has ever stayed (but fun every minute!)

The very next evening, I had Jim McCutcheon (The Guitar Man) over and he talked about starting and maintaining the guitar class and artist in residence programs for episode 12. He was exhausted from a two-hour meeting he just left and was a little slow in getting with the program, but the interview really picked up quickly.

One note on iTunes.
I am amazed that the iTunes store puts up my episodes as soon as I upload them. I guess they trust that I won't have any unsavory content or copyright violations. 

I used to take four hours to produce each episode, but now only take half that time. One thing is that I am getting better at prompting the guests. I also give them a little preview lesson on how to be interviewed. I am enjoying this so much that I feel that I might try to get a show on a local commercial radio or TV station. I'll have to wait until my time frees up a little more and macmillan gets going on a routine.

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