Saturday, July 5, 2008

Carnegie Hall to the Fariborn Flagpole

I'm back When I was touring NYC, I was with Gary Johnson, one of the tenors,  and he asked what I was doing July 3. I couldn't think of anything, so I ended up playing a drumset with the Fariborn Community Band for the "Fariborn Celebrates the 4th festival". we were in a small dining fly under the big Fairborn City Center Flagpole. 

July 4th had me watching the Centerville Parade from my friend, Jim McCutcheon's studios. 
I was supposed to play a couple of hours with an 18 piece swing band for the Centerville Americana festival, but turned is down as I didn't want to be working on a holiday. The other bandmates were not very happy with my choice as the reserve pianist tends to overplay.

Today, I played the bass guitar with the Sinclair Gospel Choir for Dayton's Cityfolk Festival. We were the first act and we had a fantastic sound system and crew.

Tuesday I am scheduled to meet with the Vice-President of National Sales for lunch in Coloumbus. 

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