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Top 40 Music related Job Sites!

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If you are a music educator who is seeking a job, you can find music-specific job sites, music careers listed in larger job sites such as Monster, and music jobs listed by state. Music educator jobs often hide under the label of “director” or “administrator,” and voice and instrument teacher jobs abound across the nation. This list of the top 40 job sites for music educators lists all those jobs and other possibilities.

Music Studio

Music-Specific Job Sites

  1. American Music Therapy Association: Use this site to learn more about education and music for students who need this work as therapy. Jobs are reserved for AMTA members.
  2. Careers in Music: This is complete list of music jobs that includes alternate titles, descriptions and salary information. There are also links to get detailed information for each job.
  3. Church Music Jobs: Most of these jobs consist of directorships and worship leaders, both which involve educational practices in voice and in instruments.
  4. Creative Jobs Central: Music jobs at this site often focus on performers; however, some music educator and administration jobs are listed here as well.
  5. Entertainment Careers: While this site does not focus specifically on music education jobs, they are listed here…along with many other jobs in the music industry.
  6. Jobs in Music: Take a swing at searching for any musical job possible across the U.S. with this search engine.
  7. Media Web Source Music Careers List and Music Job Openings: Scroll down this page to find the list of music educator jobs.
  8. MENC Career Center: The National Association for Music Education, among the world’s largest arts education organizations, offers a way for music teachers to find jobs.
  9. Music Jobs: This site carries all types of music jobs, including teachers, instructors and educators.
  10. Music Jobs and Employers/Services Database: Musicians Page offers a database filled with jobs across the country. Some jobs are educational, some are focused on performance-related positions.
  11. Drum Instructor

  12. My Music Job: This site breaks down the music jobs and employment by over 40 different categories that cover the entire music industry.
  13. Rhinegold Publishing: This UK publishing company focuses on music publications, and offers music teaching job searches as a bonus.
  14. TakeLessons Music Teacher Jobs: TakeLessons is accepting applications for teachers to provide music and voice instruction to our TakeLessons students in cities across the U.S.
  15. The College Music Society: This link leads to the career development initiative provided by this organization. CMS members are welcome to use these services.

State-Specific Music Education Job Sites

  1. CTReap Music Teachers: Part of a larger Reap site, this page offers jobs to music educators across the state of Connecticut.
  2. IMEA Job Bank: This page showcases music positions currently open in ths State of Iowa.
  3. Iowa Music Education Job Openings: These openings are compiled from,, and
  4. Music Education Job Opportunities: These music education job opportunities are located in California.
  5. Music Teacher Jobs: This site allows music educators to find jobs by category, by location and by company.
  6. Piano Teacher

  7. Ohio Music Education Association: This search engine leads to music education jobs within Ohio.
  8. Rhode Island Music Teacher Jobs: Flipdog offers jobs by state and by profession. This page focuses on music education throughout Rhode Island.
  9. Texas Music Educators Association: TMEA is an organization of over 10,000 school music educators dedicated to promoting excellence in music education.
  10. USReap Music Teachers: This site provides services to public schools across Missouri.

Larger Job Site Opportunities

  1. Careerbuilder Music Education: View job as varied as music therapy to media marketing under the “music education” search at this site.
  2. Employment Crossing Music Teacher Jobs: This site offers a few jobs for music educators from across the country.
  3. Find Music Educator Jobs: These listings are from across the nation, and are offered by AOL Jobs.
  4. Glassdoor Music Director Jobs: As with any large job site, you can use the search engine to find other music education jobs here.
  5. HigherEd Jobs Music: This site is for music jobs in colleges across the nation. Search by date posted, institution, location, priority, job title and category.
  6. Job-Hunt Music Teacher Jobs: Use the search engine to refine or expand these job listings. The jobs are from across the nation.
  7. Flute Instructor

  8. JobRapido Voice Teacher Jobs: Like other large job sites, you can refine your search for jobs across the nation by job and location.
  9. Jobs for Sports Fans: Don’t let the title throw you off. This page includes jobs for band and vocal music instructors, voice teachers and more.
  10. JuJu Elementary Music Teacher Jobs: Although this search is for elementary music teachers, you can use the search engine to find other positions within the music field.
  11. Monster Music Educator Jobs: Find a variety of music education jobs at this large job site. You can refine your search by job, skills and location.
  12. Music Jobs in Arts, Entertainment & Gaming: This broad title include specific jobs as music directors, producers and editors at the JobSearch site.
  13. Simply Hired Voice Teacher: Although this page points specifically to voice teachers nationwide, you can expand or narrow that search by job and location at this site.
  14. Teacher Job Bank: You can find teaching jobs and other education employment opportunities at this site. This page specifically looks at music teaching jobs.
  15. Teachers.Net: This page provides various searches for teaching positions, including those educated in music instruction.
  16. The Chronicle of Higher Education Jobs: Search for jobs in music education located in colleges and universities throughout the country.
  17. The Education Job Music Teacher Jobs: The Education Job is the international job board listing jobs in the education and training industry, and offers music teacher jobs by state.
  18. Top USA Jobs Music Teacher: The jobs listed here are from across the country. Use the search engine to narrow or broaden your search.