Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Introducing AMP, The National ASSOCIATION of MUSIC PARENTS

This post submission by: Scott Mccormick

Introducing AMP, The National ASSOCIATION of MUSIC PARENTS who’s mission is to build a grassroots national movement that brings together ALL STAKEHOLDERS of Music Education to defend the interests of our students and ensure that music and the arts remain an integral discipline within the core education system in America.

Led by Scott McCormick, the former President and CEO of both Music for All and Bands of America, AMP will serve as a powerful voice to amplify the difference that music and the other arts provide in the total development of our young people and on society by building the most comprehensive, robust, social networking music parent website on the internet.

Why do we need AMP? “The one thing that I have learned during my career is that none of our programs are safe forever. While we may believe that the budget concerns couldn’t possibly affect us, just when we get comfortable, they do affect us and by then, if we are not prepared, it could be too late,” Scott McCormick. Teachers are over committed and stressed, often times, one of the areas that falls off is good communication with those who can help the most - the parents.

AMP is targeting parents of beginning music students, existing parent organizations, newly formed parent organizations, as well as any concerned citizen who believes the facts about what music does for the young person.

In the growing global marketplace, students will need to excel in both math and science to compete internationally as engineers, scientists, physicians, and creative entrepreneurs. Yet, in an assessment by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, 15-year-olds in the U.S. placed 25th out of 30 countries in math performance and 21st in science performance. Why is it that the top three countries (Korea, Finland and China) in each category of math and science performance each have a requirement of Music and other arts in their curriculums in order to graduate from high school and much of America does not?

AMP strives to provide parents with excellent and timely resources to support their child’s musical endeavors. There is a repository of information to immerse themselves in and share with others the valuable impact music is making in their child’s life. As a member, they will be able to view impactful videos, learn useful advocacy techniques, read thought provoking, poignant and hilarious blogs, pore over critical music facts, ask and answer questions, participate in webinars and conferences, view and download all documents in the resource section, and receive discounts on store purchases. They will also be able to network with like minded parents from organizations across the country.

Additionally for the parent who has a new 4th, 5th or 6th grade beginner at home or about to, there is so much information they need to know, which in most cases they are not hearing. This site and organization is for them. Parents need to know the power they hold in the education system of their children. In our public and private schools, it is the taxpayer or tuition payer who ultimately gets to make the decisions about their child’s education system. We elect the school board who hires the superintendents and down the line. When you trace back where the power lies, it lies with us the taxpayer. They need to know what an incredible difference participation in music and the other arts, all the way through their child’s high school years, will provide them in their later years. Just ask one of the Fortune 1000 CEO’s in the corporate world what music did for them. 73%, nearly 3 out of 4 of them were involved in their school music programs.

AMP is also teaming with teachers, music manufacturers and retailers who understand the value and support the cause. We are proud to announce that Music and Arts, the nations largest chain of school music stores, along with Yamaha and Vandoren have joined us as Charter Sponsors. Additionally a number of like minded businesses are in the pipeline to join us soon.

Visit us at www.AMParents.org to witness this exciting launch and join as a member to support the cause. Spread the word amongst your influence group, like us on facebook, and watch this movement as it catches on across the country!

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