Monday, May 3, 2010

Heads up!


Here's a simple fix to increase the effectiveness of your rehearsals.

Send a "heads up" email to all the members in advance stating the agenda for the next rehearsal.

Some key points to include would be:

1. the order of the songs to be rehearsed. This will let the members know what to practice ahead of time, and put the music in rehearsal order.

2. Upcoming gig info including the date, time, location (including the address for those with GPS capability), concert dress, song order, parking info, and any set up instructions.

3. Contact info for the other members in case they wish to set up a sectional on their own beforehand.

4. End with your complete contact info in case they have additional question you can answer beforehand.

Remember, the more information you can impart prior to the rehearsal, the less time you will need to take away from rehearsing.

Less talk, more music makes for a great rehearsal.

good gigging!

Larry Marra

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