Sunday, May 9, 2010

bounced check!

Yesterday, I had a performance accompanying a rather popular local vocal band. The lead singer, Trent, has a very edgy rocker voice and was coming to the event from another performance earlier in the day.

One of the other singers was being helpful and grabbed Trent's microphone to assist the sound tech with the mic check.

Minutes before the concert, the sound tech's mother tripped and fell entering the concert hall. He rushed her to the hospital (she is OK) and we were left with no sound man.

Trent arrived as we were being announced onstage. He grabbed the mic and started singing with the group.

He was about twice as loud as everyone else!


The other vocalist checked the mic by holding it about ten inches away from her mouth and specking normally.

Trent puts the mic less than an inch away from his and give his voice all the punch of a seasoned prizefighter in his prime!

So, he was sticking waaaaaaay out in front of the other performers.

He didn't seem to notice as his monitor usually has him out in front anyway. With no one to adjust the sound from the board, we were all frantically trying to get his attention.

Now Trent is a rather intense fellow, so he was in his own world. I had to jump off the keyboard during the guitar solo, run down the aisle, adjust his levels and return to the piano in about 16 measures. (I didn't make it)


Have only the person who is actually performing on a specific mic do the sound check for it.

Otherwise, you'll have a bounced check when you try to cash your gig money!


good gigging!