Friday, March 1, 2013

musicteachers911 heading into the Sunset

First and foremost, thanks to all my faithful readers and listeners that have been in contact over the last five years. A special thanks to Chad Criswell over at musicedmagic for both being a guest on many iTunes podcast episodes and for promoting the blog posts on his site.

Musicteachers911 was created as a podcast and blog to assist musicians and music educators avoiding pitfalls I experienced both on stage and in front of the chalkboard.

I have enjoyed your feedback and am hopeful that you took something valuable away with you. It has truly been a labor of love.

That being said...................

I feel that it's time to step back and pursue other interests. I don't perform nearly as much as I used to in order to give the younger struggling musicians a chance to play in some really amazing bands.

As for the "teacher" part?

Well, I honestly haven't taught a public school music class in over five years and am feeling out of touch with what is going on in Education today.

I will keep the blog posted as long as blogspot doesn't pull it. Many of the ideas and suggestions might still be useful.

GoDaddy will be pulling the musicteachers911 website and email address on March 14th.

You can still reach me at

As for creating musicteachers911?

It was a good run, and I don't regret a single moment!

Yours musically,

Larry Marra

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