Sunday, July 1, 2012

Weather or not, the show must go on!

Playing outside venues in the Midwest during the summer months has had it share of challenges. Lately though, it seems that Mother Nature has been extremely moody.

Last week I played an outside event for our local library during a 102* heat warning. The event was for children highlighting "animals in our neighborhood".

I had planned a variety of sing a long songs and a few activity ones as well to allow the kids to move and use motion in a fun and creative way.

Rational heads prevailed and the event was moved to an inside conference room. After a few tunes and freestyle dancing around a conference table, the kids asked to go outside!

Well, I agreed if they all took long drinks at the water fountain and we met under the old shady Oak in the back.

Opening the door to the outside instantly reminded me of checking if the pizza was done in my kitchen oven!

We all settled down under the tree and sang a few more songs. One rather slow and graceful song was about the swans in the park. One by one the kids started to yawn and stretch as the heat was acting like a big warm blanket. Several kids were asleep by the second verse.

We only stayed outside for the last ten minutes, but the parents and chaperons commented that the Oak tree songs were their favorite.

After the show, many parents carried their small children to the car as they were still in a very deep sleep. One Mom whispered, "Thank You, I can mever get him to take a nap!"

Good gigging,

Larry Marra

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