Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Pick a card

Here is a very inexpensive way to get new contacts for music gigs.

Have catchy business cards printed up with the band's name, a brief description of the music venues that your ensemble can perform, along with all contact info.

Pass them out to all the members of your group.

Your ability to spread the word about your group has just increased exponentially!

Office Depot, Staples, or Kinko's can print 1000 business cards for about $15. This is a small investment considering that you have enabled every member of your group to promote you ensemble to possible club owners, event locations, and even private affairs that you would have never known about.

You can even print them from your own home computer printer for the small cost of card stock paper!

I always put five business cards in every new contract I send out so the current employer will have access to your contact info and pass then to others looking for good music.

Another way is to make your ensemble a contact in your blackberry or other smart phone that you can text to people and add to their phone directory. This way they can search for a keyword such as band or choir in their phone to quickly find you.

Good Gigging!

Larry Marra

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