Monday, March 29, 2010

Let Go of the Ball!

Let Go of the Ball!

Sometimes, directors and band leaders can get so comfortable with leading a group, that they never allow another band member to experience the thrill of leading an ensemble. I would often select one of the members to direct, while I grabbed in instrument or stood in the vocal ensemble. There are many benefits to adopting this in your rehearsal routine.
This gives your members a 'first hand" taste of what it's like to be the director. This might inspire a musician to explore the possibility of becoming a director someday. It also gives them a chance to see that directing a group isn't as easy is it may seem.
What it will do for you is to get a member's perspective on what they are actually seeing when they are watching you.
Another benefit to allowing someone else to lead your ensemble is that it will afford you to walk around the room or concert hall and actually hear what the audience will be hearing to adjust the musical balance.

good gigging!

Larry Marra

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