Saturday, January 2, 2010

A musical New Year's resolution

Good news about Singing

What if you could find a medical treatment that could enhance your feeling of well-being, reduce your pain, prolong your life, have no adverse side effects, yet is absolutely free? You’ll be happy to know that this miracle treatment does exist. It’s called singing.

The very act of singing lowers heart rate, decreases blood pressure, and reduces stress. One medical reason is that singing seems to block many neural pathways in which pain travels.

If you are self conscience about the quality of your voice, there is always the shower (or car) you can use as you very own private concert hall. Another viable solution is to join a choral group. This would not only involve all the the health benefits of singing, but also provide many emotional benefits such as belonging to a social network of caring and supportive people. There are many wonderful church and community choral groups around this area always looking for new members. Many studies have shown that belonging to a vocal choral group will result in fewer medical visits, better overall vision, and a need for less medication. Repetitive church songs often provide the same spiritual benefits as intense meditational prayer.

Learning how to sing under a skilled director will also increase brain function and stimulate many new neural pathways thus improving mental acuity. Some doctors even feel that this would be an excellent tool to lesson the gradual effects of dementia and Alzheimer's Disease.

Lastly, singing in a group will increase lung capacity, help relieve asthma symptoms, improve posture, and enhance confidence. So, the next time your favorite song comes on the radio, or you hear of a group that is looking for new recruits, how about doing something for your body mind and Spirit. SING! With this being the start of another year, it is a great time to make singing a part of your New Year's resolution.

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